Monday, 5 September 2011

Well Hello September

Yesterday i spent my afternoon with the Mr's grandparents, We went Sloe berry picking, since they let me try some sloe gin i decided that it was something i wanted to make, As you know me and Lee have now moved house and though money isn't tight we've decided that we're not going to go overboard this Yule. Last year we made some chutneys and cranberry sauce which were really well received, so i thought I'd do it all again, this time with a few more homemade goods, 1st being the Sloe Gin. So yesterday Nan and Grandad picked us up and we drove over to St Helens Duver (Duver is an Isle of Wight dialect term for an area of sand dunes) the area that we would be picking our  berries was between the beach and bembridge harbour. the place was full of blackberries, Sloes, Rosehips and a whole load of other berries but i have no idea what they were called but knew we couldn't eat them. I enjoyed the berry picking so much that I've asked for a pocket guide to nuts and berries...... heres some photos.

Just getting started
Sloes (Blackthorn)
Lee getting to the good one his height is a huge advantage

Wild Foxgloves

Our load
Lots of berries (yet to be ripe)
Mmm fat and juicy
More berries
Wild Honeysuckle
Not sure what the proper name for these are but Lee's grandad called them "grandfathers beard"
From tiny Acorns grow mighty Oaks
Bembridge Harbour

It was such a lovely afternoon picking the berries but by jo you work up quite an appetite, so we all loaded back into the car and went back to Lee's grandparents for a good ol Sunday roast followed by blackberry and apple pie!

Blackberry and Apple pie

Now these are what i call Yorkshire puds!
(I took this photo from the dinning table!)

Tonight i shall be jarring up the gin and sloes!, blog to follow later.

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