Wednesday, 26 October 2011

An early Happy Halloween

At FAE Magazine i've had the pleasure of being able to write for the Online features, Last year was my 1st and i've done another one. both have been for Samhain/Halloween. and as you can see my latest is about spooky treats!!!. Photos are done by the lovely Joey Collins of Joey Collins Photography

Head over to FAE Magazine to see my halloween treats and delights!!

Sniffle sniffle...

Hello fellow readers,
Its been a lovely October! i've not been up to too much, just working and relaxing, although i did go on a mini hoilday to Centre Parcs (Longleat), its always nice, We go with Lee's Dads Wifes family, this making the total 20+ in one spot at the same time. Although no complaints form me as i get on with all of them very well. But now i'm back to work the common cold had decided it would be fun to make its self known and i'm feeling it, A Stuffy nose that seems to have a mind of its own FUN!, and just feeling alittle more sleepy than normal. Trying to keep myslef in tip top conditon by loading up on the Vit C and have the trusty Olbas oil to hand to make breathing that little bit easier. I have to feel better for this weekend as of course its Samhain/Halloween time!!!, I still need to get me a pumpkin and as i'm going to a party i need to sort my outfit,it shouldn't be to hard as i plan to go as Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd. Having watched the movie just the other day it was like a light turning on. I have a black corset, black skirt and stripy leggings/tights and i have idea how to look even more Mrs Lovetty. but that will have to be releaved later!. I've also got foodie plans which again i'll share nearer the time.

Tonights meal: a soul warming Bolognese.

Loves and Sparkles

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Butternut Squash Soup... Perfect comfort on an Autumns eve

Ok so i finally got round to making soup!, I've never done it before but after watching Lorraine Pascales latest cookery show "Home Cooking Made Easy" she cooked up a Spicy Butternut Squash soup which looked really easy to make and looked so warming and tasty that i had to give it ago. I've not done a step by step before so forgive the lack of photos to help (that's if you want to try)

Please note: This is not to the exact recipe, i changed and added a few things.

Right you take one Butternut Squash cut it in half (scoop out all the seeds) pop a clove of garlic where the
seeds came from, slash across the flesh, put in the oven for 30 mins at 200c until its roasted. 
while that's cooking get a pan and put some olive oil and butter in and heat through, add finely chopped onion and cook till the onions go soft around 20mins, (i added red pepper after about 5 mins)

chop up a chilli and fill a jug with around 500mls of water with stock i used veg, then when the times up for the butternut squash scoop out the flesh, get the roasted garlic and take the skin off and pop it into the pan with the onions and add the chopped chill, add the squash mixing it up a bit then add the stock heat through till kinda smooth.
 then pour mixture into blender, blend till creamy smooth and its done.

and here you have it! sorry its not well presented, i had to pop it in the fridge for the next day and didn't have my camera to show it off in a better bowl. ..... My rating 10/10 reasons : quick and easy and tastes delicious and really filled me up, will i do it again? most defiantly.


Monday, 10 October 2011

A perfect ball for all hollows eve

A night when the witches fly high on there broom sticks and all manner of folk come out to play, you see them hand in hand laughing with such delight, they finery is clear for all to see as they make there way to to the misty hall in Avalon...... Now what could i be talking about?...... The Samhian Faery Ball!, the new annual event to take place in Glastonbury, I've mention before how this place is steeped in such magical and mystical history, so it makes perfect sense for a faery ball to be held here, after all the Tor is home to Gwyn ap Nudd who was first Lord of the Underworld, and later King of the fairies, as well as it being the final resting place for King Aruther who was brought here by Morgan le Fay ( a sorcress).

So whats in store for this most magical of nights (and weekend)? Well for started theres not one but two faery balls!
The 1st being for the younger pixies who can't always attend the festivities due to being too little or there tucked away dreaming peacefully.

"The debut Avalon Children’s Faery Ball featuring Sparkle the Fairy & friends! The Children’s Faery Ball will take place in the small hall while the Faery Fayre takes place in the main hall, so parents can enjoy the fayre whilst their children are at the Faery Ball!" Tickets £5 

"The Avalon  Faery Fayre is a FREE event which takes place on the Samhain/Halloween weekend of the 29th and 30th October at Glastonbury Town Hall. Doors open from 10.30am until 5pm on Saturday and from 11am until 5pm on Sunday! entry is FREE! There will be lots of stalls featuring some of the most amazing faery art by some of the worlds leading artists. Jasmine Becket-Groffith will be appearing at this event exclusively for the first time in the UK and will be unveiling art painted especially for this event!  Jasmine’s site: We also welcome UK artists, Josephine Wall and Linda Ravenscroft, Ed Org and many many more amazing artists"
"29th October Celebrate Samhain with the faeries at the Faery Ball. Come dressed in your finest faery finery! And be entertained by The Dolmen, Spriggan Mist, Felicity Fyre Le Fay, and the Giggling Goblin Bar. Sparkle the Fairy will also be on hand to add some sparkly face-paints if you fancy some extra bling!" Tickets £20

and the faery fun doesn't stop there, why not head along to the Faery Fest and get a chance to catch up with new and old friends alike. places for this lovely gathering do get snapped up pretty quickly so book while you can.

For more details and to by tickets please head over to

You'll have the time of your life!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

This months recipes i want to try out

Well October is finally here, the month of kicking up the leaves and drinking hot chocolate!!.... Well so i thought!
The weekend saw me sat in my garden reading abook while topping up my april tan! yes thats right i got a tan in april! although come August it had almost gone compeletly, strange weather! not that i'm complaing beacause Sunday me and the Mr went over to his Dads where we had a barbque and sat in the garden till late talking, laughing and just having a lovely time. But its all changed again the winds picked up and the rain clouds are brewing up above so its back to it normal autumn feel *yay* Autumn holds two of my favorite get togethers, Halloween and Bonfire night these occasions are fab! and the food that you can make to warm eveyone up is easy and fun. not only do i love these season beause of the fun you can have but also the hearty meals,one of my favorites being chilli, theres lots of  easy things to rustle up that are perfect after a long days work and retiring to the comfort of my snug. heres what i shall be sharing with you when i make it

My homemade Chilli 
Butternut Squash Soup
Honeyed carrot soup
Pear and ginger loft
Mulled cider
Chilli Sausage wraps
Apple and Toffee Crumble
and Toffee Apple!!

Mmmmm i can wait!!!