Saturday, 17 September 2011

... you don't know what you've got till its gone

As you've seen, an old school friend of mine passed away.
i know she's not truly gone for she has become as the words from a favorite poem of mine says:


"You are a thousand winds that blow. The diamond glints on snow. The sunlight on ripened grain. The gentle autumn's rain, The soft stars that shine at night" 

It has made me think really hard about things, after talking and seeing so many old faces at the funeral, it really makes me want to pick up those friendships and start a new. You never really no how long we have on this journey on earth, so when you lose someone, it makes you grateful and makes you sit up and pay attention. at the wake the family had put together a collage of photos of Emmaliese with friends and family, photos from holidays, birthdays, beach days and silly girly nights in and meals out. Me and the Mr have 5 cameras between us, and i think its about time we really started jotting our lives in photos. i want to see myself at 70 sat with my grand*children showing them all the things i got up to. i know people say photos are just photos, but to me its a visual reminder of the fun and silly things that we all get up to.

At the wake we sent off lanterns with messages for Em, that will forever be carried on the wind. and it may seem morbid but this shot of me and my ever love sending ours off is really sweet. 

Off they go, watching these latterns float off into the night sky bought comfort and a sense of peace, i know Emmaliese is now free from pain and will be one of the sparklest stars.

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