Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fall treats at Pottery Barn

I know this is a mass market store in the states but something about Pottery Barn really makes me wish we had one here in England. I love the soft New England vibe, and since i can remember I've always wanted to go to that part of the US, I'm a huge fan of the white picket fences and would love to visit the states when they have there Fall and be there for Halloween in Salem ,I think Hocus Pocus had that influence on me, Witches and all that kind of dark stuff is of great interest for me. So while having a nose on Pottery Barn i noticed they've added a few sneaky peeks of there Fall/Halloween items...... Here's some of my favs!, if it wasn't to costly to ship over I'd go for most of what they have.

Don't you just love the Pumpkin punch bowl?


  1. Do you have a TK Maxx anywhere near you? We've gotten some great US halloween things from there.

  2. Actually someone told me we'll be getting one here on the Island. I might have to check it out now :)