Monday, 28 February 2011

The treasure trove that is the jewellery box

As a little girl there was nothing better then sorting through my mothers jewellery box and pretending it was treasure or the queens jewels. As I've gotten older my love of jewellery still remains, like most fairies jewellery is just as important as anything else that we adorn ourselves with when going to a ball, feast or just to play.
So lets have a look at someone who's jewellery is perfect for the Fae in us.

Faery Kisses is the delight full company of Victoria Baume (aka Trixie Belle), having recently graduated from Birmingham’s Illustrious School of Jewellery with a BA(hons) in Jewellery Design for Industry, Victoria can now really let her creative flare take its rightful place in the ever growing word of jewellery.
Her creations are taken straight from the magical word she lives in, and made into necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets. No two pieces are ever the same, and this is a true sign of every item being made lovingly by hand, something that gets lost when jewellery comes off a conveyor belt.
I'm sure you'll find something that goes with your own Faery style , for the darker side Anathema is sure to delight,  If your more of a free Sylph her new feather and bead collection will fit you perfectly. But a collection I'm sure every fae will enjoy is that of Orginal Kisses! One of my favorites is the Sweet little damselfly necklace, there something so perfect about it but i can't put into words what it is, but then that's the wonder and magic that these items bring. you don't have to express yourself the jewellery does that for you and that's all down to Victoria's talent of turning a piece of silver into something perfectly detailed and enchanting.
 for more information and prices and to have a peek at other collections please visit

Faery Sparkles

Saturday, 26 February 2011

In search of Island Fairies!!

Living on the Isle of Wight there's one thing that's lacking, and that's Fairies!!
Up and down Britain you'll find all manner of fairy tales! One of my favorite fairy folk lore books is that of the writer Elizabeth Andrews "Faeries and Folklore of the British isles". From Cornwall to Hereforrdshire, she tells of fairies a plenty but not here. There's only a few things that I've manage to find and it wasn't easy! Puckaster Cover seems to be one place where the fairies gather on full moon nights and May eve: i found this  piece of writing  by an Island witch and lover of all things magical and mystical: Cassandra Eason
"Puckaster Cove on the Southern tip of the Isle of Wight is a place where the fairies
held their revels at the full moon and on May Eve. They kept their gold in
puffballs but guarded it jealously from mortals. One May Eve in full moonlight, the
story goes, a man returning from a wedding was walking along the shore when he saw a
strange golden light that led him to the cove, where he came upon the fairy
feast. The man was made welcome by the fairies, who offered him food and drink
that he had never tasted before, danced for him in the moonlight to the music
of their pipes, and sent him on his way with gold from their puffballs, saying he
should never be poor again. The man became a wealthy landowner, and many have
followed his path to Puckaster Cove on moonlit nights to pick the puffballs
that shine golden under the moon. But by morning they have crumbled to dust."
I might just have try and get over to Puckasters cove on a night i know will be a full moon or when may eve is approching and see if i can spot a fairy or two.
My Second finding was that Queen Victoria loved fairies, and because of this love for the wee folk a Royal Yacht was named HMS Fairy! you maybe wondering what this has to do with the Isle Of Wight?, as you may or may not know Queen Victoria lived at Osborne House  in Cowes. HMS Fairy was sailed down Osborne house during the summer months. i found this thanks to Myrea and David of Fairies World
My third and final finding is that of a Longstone, which is set on the heath land up in Mottistone. this is the only scared site on the island, To my knowledge longstones are places of magic and deep rooted connection to the earth, people have been visiting the Longstone for many years, mainly at the Equinoxes (Spring, Midsummer, Autumn and Mid Winter) Its believed that this longstone may at one time have looked like a door way, a door way to what still remains a mystery. Like the stones in Men-an-toll in Cornwall maybe this "doorway" was to the FaeryLand.?? .... 
and that's it, that's all i could find!.... but all is not lost as Fairies are being brought to life by the people of the Island.  about 3 years ago the t.v show Homes Under the Hammer featured a couple who brought a property in Niton. They then weaved there magic and turned the run down hotel into a beautiful Enchanted Manor!, each room has a theme and all throughout there is the beautiful art work of Josephine wall. and what puts the cherry on the top of this wonderful place is that it holds weddings!!
please follow the link and see for yourself what lovely place it is
And on weekends you'll often see girls dressed up in tutus and wearing fairy wings, and when the festivals come to town Tutus and wings are everywhere.

But the hunt for tales of the fair folk wont stop here.............

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!

Welcome my lovelys!, i have to say I'm throughly enjoying blogging about the talented artists and makers that I've had the pleasure to meet and become friends with, theres quite a few to come yet but i hope you've enjoyed the first two.
When sitting thinking about who to write about today i remembered reading something a while ago that made me think that this person shouldn't have felt uncool to do something at her wedding. to me a wedding is your day and you should be able to do what ever you wish! after all many girls dream of a fairytale day. so when i saw this statement i knew what to write about.......

 "All I know is that I've ruled out wearing fairy wings. When I was nine I wanted to get married in fairy wings, and now I realize that's not cool anymore. Isla Fisher"

Why should fairy wings not be cool anymore?... She must be one of the very few people who have this view, for the people i know and have spoken to, its a childhood dream to fly! So without futher a due lets look to todays Installment of the talented. A cheecky lass who dreams of nothing but to make adults awaken the child within

Silly Pixie Creations is the brainchild of the very bubbly and bright  Bubbles Pixie! 
Bubbles has spent the last fews years making some of the most fantastic wings I've ever seen.
theres wings for everyone! and i mean everyone! even boys can wear them without them feeling to girly! and why not? as she so rightly says......

""There is a little faerie in each of us just waiting to be let out. It is the urge to play and be silly and to not care about what other people think. There is a world of laughter and magic out there for everyone. It's all about letting yourself believe and allowing magic and love into your life."

Her styles are very bold and vibrant, she uses the brightest products I've ever seen!!! the mini wings are perfect for children or adults who don't want to get tangled up with people at festivals or faery balls!, the faeire wings are bigger but still beautifully made, then theres the deluxe wings which are much bigger! and she can even add l.e.d lights to make them sparkle once night fulls. Her Gossamer Wings are more delicate, the detailing on these is what you would see on dragonfly and bumblebee wings, the light shines through them and they have a subtle shimmer which is most enchanting!.
Bubbles also does custom orders, she can make wings to match any outfit you plan to wear,  One such pair was to go with a pink gown with ivy detailing and the wings matched perfectly along side it. I myself have my very own pair of wings!!!! i believe mine were her 1st Dragonfly designed wings, having getting my fella to draw what i wanted i sent it off to bubbles who crafted them beautifully, she'd taken everything from the drawing and turned my dream into a reality. When they arrived i could hardly contain my excitement!!!! 

In the last year or so Bubbles has been adding more and more to her line at Silly Little Pixie. You can find Mini top hats, cuffs, tiaras and the newest collection are her faerie horns!  

If like me you think Wings are cool! please head on over to to find your dream pair!, and to see some happy customers flutter on over to her facebook page

Faery Sparkles

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Faery creatures

Today's talented people instalment is that of the beautiful creations by Armorel Hamilton. She states "My inspiration is rooted in the natural history of the earths biology, I have a huge interest in how plants and animals function and co exist."
and i have to say this reflects in the creatures that she makes. One of my favorites has to be the very cute Hedge Hog that she takes around with her, Everything about him is what I'd expect to find if i was to come a across a hedge hog when not in his normal form... Well normal form to the muggle world, in true fae style he has the coolest striped trousers, but also the detailing would leave me to believe that once Armorel closed the door on her studio he'd awaken and go out and about and hang out with the other beauties she made.

 Like the lovely Helen of T.P.F, Armorels skills and magic don't stop at making creatures shes been involved in a few independent films, she's helped make props and other items to use on set, one of which was a water feature with a hooded figure leaning over it, she also does alot of illastrations for FaeMagazine!

Chagford 09

 Her 1st exbition was at the 2009 Avalon Faery Fayre where Brian and Wendy Froud made a lovely statement “Armorel has a unique and creative talent. Her work is humorous, quirky, believable and executed with skill and artistic vision. Brian and I both love what we’ve seen so far and we’ll continue to follow Armorel’s career with interest and enthusiasm. She should be on every art doll collectors list of new artists to watch out for and  collect.”

This lady is certainly one to watch! if you want to see more she'll be exibting at the spring faery fayre this March, but if you want to get in contact before then please head on over to

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Faery Fashions!

Today i thought it might be fun to share some faery fashion. my 1st instalment is in the form of the bright creations of T.P.F Faerie wear. Everything is made by hand and custom orders are always welcomed with open arms.
Helen is dedicated to giving her customers the very best, if theres something that she doesn't already have stocked away she'll hunt down the right fabric or she'll try and get something very close to what you're looking for. Living up in Whitby she often makes it to the Goth Weekends and is quite comfortable working with PVC, she's forever challenging herself so she becomes accustomed to working with new materials. But its not just clothing that this very talented lady does, she also makes gloves, tie, hats (top and tricorns), hoods and pixie pockets.
If you asked me what her best sellers were I'd say her Tutus and Hoods!... but then i think I'd might have to change that to her beautiful Korrigan Shrugs and Corsets.... come to think about it, i don't think i could say what her best sellers are as nearly everything is in high demand, her custom orders seem to be a weekly occurrence.

If you'd like to see more or make an order for anything, the best place to do so at the moment is on her facebook page, You will be able to buy things from her Etsy page as well, at the moment its still a baby but give it time and you'll have made a fond friend


Monday, 21 February 2011

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!

Its Time to dust down those tutus and stretch out your wings!.... Hop on your frog, call for your bumble bee carriage for the Fairies are joining together for the 1st ball of the year!, Yep that's right a Ball!, Karen Kay is calling all clans to join together for the Spring Faery Ball in Avalon (Glastonbury), there's still plenty of time to get hold of some tickets!

It will be a night full of dancing and merriment! a chance to make new friends and catch up with old friends after a long and bitter winter, a spring faery ball will be a great way to truly awaken the soul!!! there'll be live bands in the form of the mighty Dolmen and 1st timer Freyia with her eclectic folksy funky vibe. 

                                         The Dolmen                                          Freyia

There'll also be a perfromance from the ever so lovely Cara Bamford of Cara B Dance

Why not make it a lovely long weekend away? for on the Sunday there'll be a faery fayre with Artists and sclupters such as Linda Ravenscroft , Armorel hamliton, and Esther Remmington  to name but a few. Also there'll be stalls a plenty selling faery wears!!!

For more information please visit

Faery Sparkles and blessings

Friday, 18 February 2011

Its all in the planning

February is going along very nicley!, so far its been pretty busy, a quick up-date the charity night is booked and plans are all underway, we have a band Gweido!!!i swear they get better and better. really uplifting and soulful music! plus they draw in such a good crowd. We've planned a raffle, have to say the local businesses have been really generous,.. i'm in charge of decorations!, got to have a few ballons here and there. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.

 I remember as a little girl being given a whole stack of fairy tales.... these were stories of princesses with long hair, lips as red as roses or sleeping for eternity, but what i remember most were the bad people that graced the pages, from the big bad wolf to the many evil step mothers plagued by the beauty of there step daughters, you may be thinking Disney but no!, I got given the tales by the Brothers Grimm. Of course the fairy tales told by these two weren't bright and peachy as Walt's creations, no they were much darker and more sinister, but its amazing that even at such a young age i could see the magic amongst the words. And if you look closer into the stories they actually come from tales told around camp fires or used as a warning to keep children from wondering off on there own.... "if you go down into the woods today your sure in for a big surprise" today this is apart of a nursery rhythm but I'm guessing it holds a bigger warning then first thought. being 23 my childhood was full of Disney's take on the Brothers Grimm stories, yes i enjoyed Disney's versions and secretly hoped to find my Mothers tea cups to be dancing when we went to bed, I've never found out if they do .... becoming a teenager i didn't pay much attention to the dog eared books that had a good layer of dust on them and to be honest with many moving and clear outs I'm not even sure i still have them.
It took a trip to Blockbuster while on holiday to Canada in 2005 for my Brothers Grimm fascination to be re-awoken, browsing through the latest releases,crappy chickflicks and teen romcoms, i came across a film that wasn't even out in cinemas back home in the UK, i bet you already know what film I'm talking about ... "The Brothers Grimm directed by Terry Gilliam, and starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger in this take on the brothers we see them as con-artists in french occupied-Germany during the late 18th century However, the brothers eventually encounter a genuine fairy tale curse which requires real courage instead of their usual bogus exorcism"

So we took it home that night! it was fab! i really enjoyed it. it was so different from all the other films out there. it got bad reviews but that didn't matter to me or my family, we found it funny, dark in places but all in all a good film, so a few weeks after arriving home i popped into my local HMV and it was there for £5 bargain!  it sits proudly on my shelf and on days when I'm feeling not to great i snuggle down with some popcorn and just enjoy it.
and since watching the Bothers Grimm my appreiation for there works has grown, my eyes have been open to a whole varity of things. i love looking at artist illustrations!
I just love Josephine walls take on Sleeping Beauty (middle), i love the detailing of beautys dreams, as you can see she's dreaming of her prince.

as mentioned, i fear that with all the moving from one place to the next, i don't think i have those books anymore, but maybe someone might buy me the Grimm Tales for my birthday ..... i have my eye on this

oh and i can't forget a mention of the new Red Riding Hood movie! its abit sexier and more naughty then past takes on this tale, will it become a  rainy day favorite like the Borthers Grimm, who knows. but i'm sure i'll enjoy seeing another Grimm tale turned into a film! 

To Jacob and Wilhem Grimm!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

More Love......

¸.✶*¨`*.¸¸.✶*Etsy Tresury¸.✶*¨`*.¸¸.✶*

Love Love Love

 Valentines day is like Marmite you either love it or hate it, and it seems that in the last few years its just another way to get people to part with there money, a way of making you feel guilty if you didn't buy a bunch of flowers or that box of chocolates. some people would argue that love should be shown everyday not just the once, and as a faery it doesn't even enter my head that i have to act out an action of love or affection, it just happens, my love comes in the form of a cuppa tea in the morning for my Other Half before he heads off to work, its a quick cuddle with my Pooch when i come home from work. Love shouldn't be hard nor should it make you feel as though you have to do it. I'm pretty sure that when St Valentines first started it was done in a much more romantic way and simple gestures were shown such as flowers picked from the garden not £50 bouquets, hand made cards with lovely words on the inside, those have now been replaced with pre-written and made cards . I'm not saying these are wrong, not at all, sometimes words arnt enough to show how much someone means to you. but lets not get angry about a day dedicated to love and romance.. lets embrace it!

Now when i know Love day is around the corner i can't help but get a little creative, as with the trend i have with baking on Sundays i made these little beauties

Love hearts Cupcakes


Friday, 4 February 2011

3 Wishes Faery Fest

It feels like only yesterday that Karen let everybody know that tickets for the 3 Wishes Faery Fest were on sale.....Tickets went on sale on the 1st of Feb along side the release of the Spring Issue of  FAE Magazine.

It looks set to be another magical filled event, Lots of Music, Workshops, Stalls and so much more, old and new friends will have a to chance to catch up,play, dance and frolic till there hearts content, Although one thing has changed and thats the location, Since 2007 3 wishes has been held at Colliford Lake Park on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.but this year its going to be set amongst the beautiful grounds of Mount Edgecumbe House and Country Park.
I have still yet to attend the festival!, i will one year,  and i'm hoping and wishing that maybe that wish will come true this year!

It might be of some interest to learn that until the 14th of February you can get hold of an early birds ticket, Karen is currently selling a 3 day pass for £75 after the 14th they'll go up to £89, head on over to to find out more. 

“Welcome to the gathering of the faery clans and the mortal realms in Celtic Cornwall. For three fairytastic days where humans and faerie folk can walk (or fly!) side-by-side in harmony, in celebration of the magical time of midsummer. The fairy ring is opening at this time a portal into the realms of fae, an opportunity to glimpse into fairyland, and to experience how the “little people” celebrate their love of the sacred land. For they are the guardians and carers of our earth – welcome to those who come in peace and love, and may the blessings of the faeries lighten your earthly journey with love, health, abundance, joy and infinite wishes!” – Founder, Karen Kay
Here's a promotional video for this 3 Wishes Fest

Bright and happy smiles