Friday, 29 July 2011

And we're in!

Its been  2 weeks since me and the Mr moved into our flat, the move went great, we packed everything the night before and just spent the Friday (15th)  tidying up and getting rid of the rubbish that was hidden here there and every where, so much paper and a whole load hair bands i thought I'd lost, by 10am we'd finished now was the waiting game so we sat on make shift seats and drank tea, Half an hour later the estate agents called to say that we could go and collect the keys! (Its really happening! no backing out now)... So we packed the car with the 1st load and Lee went with his dad to get the keys, It took about 4 runs to get everything to the new place, all in all it took about 3hrs. Its a tiring job moving, But I'm so glad that we're in. Our 1st night was fine i was abit worried that i wouldn't settle (in my mums house there's always noise), but i was fine, i think the celebratory drink may have helped. Saturday we got a call from Lee's Dad saying he was going to take us out and get a new kitchen (Wow) and a bed! Woo!, So off we went, picked one out and it arrived Thursday (21st) as did our sofa that we got in a sale. So Lee decided it would be a good plan to get the old kitchen out before the new one arrived. So he took the Thursday off and proceeded to rip everything out.We'd gone to B&Q on the Wednesday and picked out paint and the flooring, So we had everything ready to go. Saturday (23rd) Lee and his step dad spent the morning laying the new floor and putting in new sockets and Saturday afternoon Lee filled in holes. you may be thinking "what did you do?" i made the tea and held things when needed and tidied up when they'd finished, abit pointless really when you have to sand down the walls to make everything smooth.. hey ho. So Monday and Tuesday we sanded down the walls and prepped the room ready for painting which we did last night. Fingers crossed we'll have our kitchen up and running early next week....... 

Heres a few photos!

 for 1st time movers we have a lots of things

 Everything packed and ready to go
 New living room

Kitchen (well with out anything)

New floor
I'll be doing more updates as we go along. as the kitchen is the hub it was great idea to do this room 1st.
i can't wait to get cooking/baking! Yay!!

Loves and Sparkles

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The big move

Tomorrow is moving day!!!! 3yrs saving and looking around countless flats and houses and we're finally there!!! well almost.

Me and the Mr have spent the past few days packing what seems like my life (Lee doesn't have much stuff at mine). Books, books, books soooo many of them, we even came across some that i'd put away years ago and almost forgotten about, until Lee had opened the box to check what was inside, but he taped it up before i could take them out to have a nose through, as Lee pointed out thats not how packing works. Theres alot of emotions floating around, i can't quite make out if i'm excited or anxious, i've been getting moments when  little burst of giggles come from nowhere and i do a little dance. I guess thats all apart of the fun! its something totally different and a new chapter!...... Roll on tomorrow

I'd also like to say a thank you to Lottie of for my new background :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

FaeBay, a magical online market.

Hello sparkly people.

Today's post is about a magical online market place that i came across a few years ago via "MyFaerySpace", in recent weeks its had abit of a re-vamp and is looking fab!

From the creators :
 "FAEBAE is an acronym, it stands for Fantasy Art Enterprise Brilliant Artist Encounter. This site was created with the goal of providing a professional and resourceful place for Artists, Collectors & Retailers of "Niche" products and services. We specialize in Fantasy Art, Handmade Products & Gifts from Artists Worldwide. We develop and maintain this site with very little funding. Donations are greatly appreciated. Don't see a feature or service provided here that you would like to see? Please let us know.
Feedback is crucial to everyone's success. The Artist's that list here are amazingly talented and have much to offer. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy insures a safe and productive operation. Feedback scores are very important, for both Buyer & Seller. You will be very pleased with our site, and we can honestly say this because we care about the individual experiences by every member.
FAEBAE places a strong emphasis on "Fantasy Art" but all "Art" items are accepted and valued by our site visitors!

So go on, head over to see what new fae-wears you can get hold of today or even join up and sell your own works of arts and crafts


Friday, 1 July 2011

Underwater Theme Cookie Cutters

Along with my water inspired writings i found this fab site with all manner of different cutters.
 and among the collection they had a nautical range visits!
they would be great for an underwater themed party!, I might just have to get a few for the release date of the mermaid magazine


Far out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower, and as clear as crystal

The Ocean: a deep and vast element and vital to the planet. It holds much mystery and wonderment, less is known about the sea then the moon. every year thousands of things are discovered in the deep depths.
When i think of life i see everyday emotions reflected out on the water. Like life the ocean can be dark and dangerous and at any moment you can be overwhelmed and drowned in stress or turmoil, but then it can be bright and clear as day and everything is calm....... I think its safe to say that everyone has something to say about the sea. some hate it mainly due to a fear and rightly so for the sea has claimed many a life, some are highly respectable of it,as they understand that the moment you paddle out you are open to the oceans power and anything can happen, you have to have your wits about you "don't go out of your depth" is not to be taken lightly,. and for others like myself Love it!
The sensation of feeling the seas power wash over you, taking with it  the days stresses and worries brings a soothing calmness!, even if its just for a tiny moment, its utter bliss. Though i regard myself as quite a homely fae, put me in the sea and I'll swim the hours away with ease. I'm as water baby as they come! Born under the sign of Pisces the two fishes swimming in different directions a balance like yin and yang, my planet is Neptune, Neptune being the the Roman god of water and sea (Poseidon in Greek mythology). My favorite story - The Little Mermaid! I often longed to live under the sea among the fishes and swim like them by having a fin instead of legs, But i do  live on an island  so not alls bad even more so when the beach is only a 5 minute walk from my home, watching the waves crash against the rocks i see white horses among the break and near rock pools i can see little lights dancing around these of course are the spirits of the sea. Here are but a few of the names that they go by. Mermaids/Mermen, Selkies, the Ondines, Nix, Sirens this list  is mostly of those found in the ocean.Where ever there is water be it a fountain, garden pond, river or lake they'll be some elemental being there. 

Now you and i can learn more about the creatures of the deep.In FAE Magazines new sister magazine The Mermaid Magazine 

The debut issue of Mermaids & Mythology Magazine! is 21st September 2011 ♥