Thursday, 22 September 2011

Candle delights!!

I'm a sucker for candles! When me and other half went over to the Southampton Ikea, the boy sighed as we entered the candle section, needless to say i bought a berry mix of tea lights and cinnamon, spice and vanilla. lighting candles and seeing the warm glow coming from them is just lovely. Candles are a big thing for me when Autumn arrives out come the rich spicy scents, i tend to have lighter smells like lavender or Jasmine in the Summer months. So what am i getting to you wonder?..... Well yesterday my Mum came into work with a Yankee Candle bag!, Yankee candles are my ultimate candles! they don't lose there smell and last for ages!, and they come in some pretty delicious smells too, Black Cherry, Cinnamon stick, Jack Frost and Cranberry chutney being just a few of my favorites, so when she handed me the bag i couldn't help but "Ooooohh", Inside were 3 scents from the Halloween range. Everyday on our way home from work i walk past the islands yankee store and can't help but always look in the window, when i saw the Halloween range my heart did a little flip of excitement, i made a mental note to make sure i put a little money aside so i could treat myself. But i don't have to now as my Mum had seen the candles and thought of me and bought me them... how great are Mums?

The three scents i have are :
Trick or Treat, this one has two scents in it making a swirl affect, Sweet Candy Corn and Buttercream. Now I'm not sure this would be for everyone, as it is pretty sweet smelling, I've not lit it yet so it might be softer when burning, but i like it.

Candy Corn: unlike the very sweet smell of trick or treat, it would seem the smell of candy corn on its own is still sweet but soft sweet, theres an element of spice in there too that almost reminds me of a warm pumpkin pie.

Witches Brew: Spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli, this has a very musty smell, very warm and almost erotic, that must be the patchouli, as we know Halloween isn't all about the sweets, this is a lovely smell and a bit addictive to sniff.

I can't wait to fill my home with these delightfull smells, its going to be hard to light these before October let alone Halloween.



  1. That's totally reminds me, my mum bought me a witches brew candle last year. I must remember to dig it out in time for this halloween!

  2. Witches Brew is a great candle! Yankee Candles are made only about an hour from where I live...they are New England staples! Enjoy~