Monday, 5 September 2011

So to start the slow process for my Sloe Gin!!

Theres roughly 1000g of Sloes in this 3ltr Kilner Jar, about 500g of caster sugar and 1ltr of Tesco Gin,
i was following a recipe but the jar was only half full, so i phoned Lee's Nan and she told me "just  keep topping up with the berries and sugar" She's done this plenty of time before so I'm hoping it'll work out for me.

If you'd like the recipe i followed to begin with, its as follows, really simple and you'll get something really tasty and perfectly festive.

  • 500 g Sloes
  • 225 g Caster sugar, (150g if you prefer a 'drier' gin)
  • Gin (Don't waste your best gin on this recipe as the sloes will infuse their flavour.)
  • Put sloes in a litre jar with a sealable lid, add the almond essence and sugar and fill up with gin.
  • . Turn the jar every day for one week and every time you remember thereafter for 3 months.
  •  After 3 months has passed strain the gin through a piece of muslin and then it's ready to drink.
So heres to the sloe gin turning out perfect!.... next on my festive treats list = Fudge, Cranberry Sauce , Speculaas  Biscuits and more

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  1. We've had success with damsons and plums too... but have found that the longer you leave it, the better it gets.