Saturday, 30 April 2011

An Update!

Hey lovelys!

Its been awhile since I've had the chance to sit down and write up about my goings on! So let me tell you :) something most recent was the Charity night i held at the Wight Rock which was in aid of a beautiful friend of mine who got diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer back in December, she's currently being taken care of by the Teenage Cancer Trust who aim to improve the lives of teenagers and young adults going through something as hard as this illness. So along with 2 bands, stand up magician , a raffle, random cocktail pitchers and cupcakes we managed to raise £760! I'm so pleased that we we're able to do our bit for Emmaliese and the TCT and i can't thank people enough for coming along, because after all if they hadn't have come then we wouldn't have raised what we did!! ....... here a couple of photos!

In other news me and the Mr are going through the process of buying a flat! its so scary and so grown up but i can't wait to get the keys and start making a home for us :) I know this flat is going to be a bit of a project for us so once we've settled in I'll make a note of updating what we do to the place!, the flat is one of 6 in an old Victorian house i believe it was built in 1880 so plenty of history for me to check out but that's for a later blog!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Over the misty mountains

This morning i was going through FB as i normally do, checking on the lives of friends and family, and as i was scrolling down a heading followed by a picture caught my eye, Natalle May of  Tales from the Dryad Forset had posted this picture (below) and simply wrote "Far over the Misty Mountains cold, To dungeons deep and caverns old...." I thought i recognised the words so just to double check i did a quick google search and it was indeed what i had thought... the wonderful writings of J.R.Tolkien. The poems called Over The Misty Mountains Cold. so I'd thought I'd share it.

 Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day,
To seek our pale enchanted gold.

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells,
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

For ancient king and elvish lord
There many a gleaming golden hoard
They shaped and wrought, and light they caught,
To hide in gems on hilt of sword.

On silver necklaces they strung
The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, on twisted wire
They meshed the light of moon and sun.

Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day,
To claim our long-forgotten gold.

Goblets they carved there for themselves,
And harps of gold, where no man delves
There lay they long, and many a song
Was sung unheard by men or elves.

The pines were roaring on the heights,
The wind was moaning in the night,
The fire was red, it flaming spread,
The trees like torches blazed with light.

The bells were ringing in the dale,
And men looked up with faces pale.
The dragon's ire, more fierce than fire,
Laid low their towers and houses frail.

The mountain smoked beneath the moon.
The dwarves, they heard the tramp of doom.
They fled the hall to dying fall
Beneath his feet, beneath the moon.

Far over the Misty Mountains grim,
To dungeons deep and caverns dim,
We must away, ere break of day,
To win our harps and gold from him!

The wind was on the withered heath,
But in the forest stirred no leaf:
There shadows lay be night or day,
And dark things silent crept beneath.

The wind came down from mountains cold,
And like a tide it roared and rolled.
The branches groaned, the forest moaned,
And leaves were laid upon the mould.

The wind went on from West to East;
All movement in the forest ceased.
But shrill and harsh across the marsh,
Its whistling voices were released.

The grasses hissed, their tassels bent,
The reeds were rattling—on it went.
O'er shaken pool under heavens cool,
Where racing clouds were torn and rent.

It passed the Lonely Mountain bare,
And swept above the dragon's lair:
There black and dark lay boulders stark,
And flying smoke was in the air.

It left the world and took its flight
Over the wide seas of the night.
The moon set sale upon the gale,
And stars were fanned to leaping light.

Under the Mountain dark and tall,
The King has come unto his hall!
His foe is dead, the Worm of Dread,
And ever so his foes shall fall!

The sword is sharp, the spear is long,
The arrow swift, the Gate is strong.
The heart is bold that looks on gold;
The dwarves no more shall suffer wrong.

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

On silver necklaces they strung
The light of stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, from twisted wire
The melody of harps they wrung.

The mountain throne once more is freed!
O! Wandering folk, the summons heed!
Come haste! Come haste! Across the waste!
The king of friend and kin has need.

Now call we over the mountains cold,
'Come back unto the caverns old!'
Here at the gates the king awaits,
His hands are rich with gems and gold.

The king has come unto his hall
Under the Mountain dark and tall.
The Worm of Dread is slain and dead,
And ever so our foes shall fall!

Farewell we call to hearth and hall!
Though wind may blow and rain may fall,
We must away, ere break of day
Far over the wood and mountain tall.

To Rivendell, where Elves yet dwell
In glades beneath the misty fell.
Through moor and waste we ride in haste,
And whither then we cannot tell.

With foes ahead, behind us dread,
Beneath the sky shall be our bed,
Until at last our toil be passed,
Our journey done, our errand sped.

We must away! We must away!
We ride before the break of day!

Tolkien was amazing at weaving magic into his words!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Have seen a few of my FB friends doing there Census on there LJ so i thought I'd do mine here.

1991: I'm 4yrs old living in Reading with my Mum and older Brother, this was the year that Mum married my step Dad and i was their bridesmaid. from what i remember my mum looked gorgeous and finally after such a hard time truly happy. (their still together happy as ever)

2001: I'm 14 going through the joyous teenage years which include trying out different fashion styles, expanding my music taste and maybe even trying the sneeky alco pop. Also have been living on the Isle Of Wight for 4yrs! best thing my parents ever did! also we have new addition to the family which came in the style of my little sister Emily who's now 8yrs old.

2011: I'm 24 still living on the Island, have been with Lee for 4yrs and I'm blissfully happy, we're hoping that this summer will see us moved out and in our own place., I'm also writing for a magazine which is something that i thought I'd never do, given i did rubbish at school. I'm loving every minute of it, as it allows me to talk about the things i believe in.... Fairies!, some may scoff at the idea but at least the child in me is allow to play!

... I wonder what the next 10yrs has in store meet!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Beautiful weekend on the Isle

The Sun has be showing his delightfull face all weekend and i've had a lovely relaxed time.
At the moment my mum is pottering around the garden making it more witchy~fyed and adding some sparkly bits to attract the Fae. Saturday morning i baked a battenburg, while it was in the oven i relaxed for a bit on the patio, naturally i had my camera to hand and snapped away at some of the newer plants ....

In the bottom right corner you'll see Piper my beautiful pooch, who loves nothing more than chilling out in the garden, of course the grass wont do so we put out her bed to lay on.. teheheh.

Saturday afternoon i lulled the time away in the beer garden at our local watering hole in town, i had my 1st cider of the summer Mmmm Yummy!
  Then Sunday i spent the afternoon with my  Inlaws, we had a fab roast dinner at Lee's Nans then we moved to the garden where we chatted away while the birds were singing away merryily. As mentioned i baked a battenburg. it must have been good as it was all eaten, see they come out pretty fat if like me you happen to have a battenburg tin, (amazing item to have makes it so much easier) so i could cut it in half and leave one part with my family and take the rest over to Lee's Nans.

I hope your weekend was just as lovely!!!
Loves and Sparkles

Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!

Spring has truly arrived!!! you can smell it, feel  it and of course you can see it! each day the leaves on trees are opening more and more, theres also something else... I feel the Fae are hard at work! bee's are flying from one flower to the next and the animals are awaiting the arrival of new born's, Spring is such an wakening time that you can't help but feel a new spring in your step!.

At FAE HQ Karen is putting the last touches to the Summer Issue and at the same time sorting and fine tuning plans for 3 wishes, but also she's preparing herself for another ball! Yep the busy little bee is getting ready for the 2nd ball of the year!
this time round its for Beltane also know as "May Day" and to celebrate World Fairy Festival Day!!

The Beltaine Faery Ball will be held in Avalon~Glastonbury. As it holds a deep rooted magic, and it is believed that the entrance to the Fae world is on the mound of which the Tor Stands.
So its a perfect place to pay homage to the fairies on Beltaine and World fairy festival day!

As Always Karen provides a magical line up and this event is no different. the musical line up consists of Obsidian featuring Doreen Virtue, The Gypsy Nomads and Tatiana Scavnicky & Mark Watson.

Felicity Fry Le Fay and Oliver Soloman La Fay will play hosts to the ball, they know how to make you feel welcome and set you at ease!
You'll also be able to get some interesting beverages at the Giggling Goblin bar! these guys were new at the Spring Faery ball and I've heard nothing but great things about them! Tickets and more information as always is available on

Loves and sparkles!