Monday, 28 February 2011

The treasure trove that is the jewellery box

As a little girl there was nothing better then sorting through my mothers jewellery box and pretending it was treasure or the queens jewels. As I've gotten older my love of jewellery still remains, like most fairies jewellery is just as important as anything else that we adorn ourselves with when going to a ball, feast or just to play.
So lets have a look at someone who's jewellery is perfect for the Fae in us.

Faery Kisses is the delight full company of Victoria Baume (aka Trixie Belle), having recently graduated from Birmingham’s Illustrious School of Jewellery with a BA(hons) in Jewellery Design for Industry, Victoria can now really let her creative flare take its rightful place in the ever growing word of jewellery.
Her creations are taken straight from the magical word she lives in, and made into necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets. No two pieces are ever the same, and this is a true sign of every item being made lovingly by hand, something that gets lost when jewellery comes off a conveyor belt.
I'm sure you'll find something that goes with your own Faery style , for the darker side Anathema is sure to delight,  If your more of a free Sylph her new feather and bead collection will fit you perfectly. But a collection I'm sure every fae will enjoy is that of Orginal Kisses! One of my favorites is the Sweet little damselfly necklace, there something so perfect about it but i can't put into words what it is, but then that's the wonder and magic that these items bring. you don't have to express yourself the jewellery does that for you and that's all down to Victoria's talent of turning a piece of silver into something perfectly detailed and enchanting.
 for more information and prices and to have a peek at other collections please visit

Faery Sparkles

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