Monday, 7 February 2011

Love Love Love

 Valentines day is like Marmite you either love it or hate it, and it seems that in the last few years its just another way to get people to part with there money, a way of making you feel guilty if you didn't buy a bunch of flowers or that box of chocolates. some people would argue that love should be shown everyday not just the once, and as a faery it doesn't even enter my head that i have to act out an action of love or affection, it just happens, my love comes in the form of a cuppa tea in the morning for my Other Half before he heads off to work, its a quick cuddle with my Pooch when i come home from work. Love shouldn't be hard nor should it make you feel as though you have to do it. I'm pretty sure that when St Valentines first started it was done in a much more romantic way and simple gestures were shown such as flowers picked from the garden not £50 bouquets, hand made cards with lovely words on the inside, those have now been replaced with pre-written and made cards . I'm not saying these are wrong, not at all, sometimes words arnt enough to show how much someone means to you. but lets not get angry about a day dedicated to love and romance.. lets embrace it!

Now when i know Love day is around the corner i can't help but get a little creative, as with the trend i have with baking on Sundays i made these little beauties

Love hearts Cupcakes


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