Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Faery Fashions!

Today i thought it might be fun to share some faery fashion. my 1st instalment is in the form of the bright creations of T.P.F Faerie wear. Everything is made by hand and custom orders are always welcomed with open arms.
Helen is dedicated to giving her customers the very best, if theres something that she doesn't already have stocked away she'll hunt down the right fabric or she'll try and get something very close to what you're looking for. Living up in Whitby she often makes it to the Goth Weekends and is quite comfortable working with PVC, she's forever challenging herself so she becomes accustomed to working with new materials. But its not just clothing that this very talented lady does, she also makes gloves, tie, hats (top and tricorns), hoods and pixie pockets.
If you asked me what her best sellers were I'd say her Tutus and Hoods!... but then i think I'd might have to change that to her beautiful Korrigan Shrugs and Corsets.... come to think about it, i don't think i could say what her best sellers are as nearly everything is in high demand, her custom orders seem to be a weekly occurrence.

If you'd like to see more or make an order for anything, the best place to do so at the moment is on her facebook page, You will be able to buy things from her Etsy page as well, at the moment its still a baby but give it time and you'll have made a fond friend


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