Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!

Welcome my lovelys!, i have to say I'm throughly enjoying blogging about the talented artists and makers that I've had the pleasure to meet and become friends with, theres quite a few to come yet but i hope you've enjoyed the first two.
When sitting thinking about who to write about today i remembered reading something a while ago that made me think that this person shouldn't have felt uncool to do something at her wedding. to me a wedding is your day and you should be able to do what ever you wish! after all many girls dream of a fairytale day. so when i saw this statement i knew what to write about.......

 "All I know is that I've ruled out wearing fairy wings. When I was nine I wanted to get married in fairy wings, and now I realize that's not cool anymore. Isla Fisher"

Why should fairy wings not be cool anymore?... She must be one of the very few people who have this view, for the people i know and have spoken to, its a childhood dream to fly! So without futher a due lets look to todays Installment of the talented. A cheecky lass who dreams of nothing but to make adults awaken the child within

Silly Pixie Creations is the brainchild of the very bubbly and bright  Bubbles Pixie! 
Bubbles has spent the last fews years making some of the most fantastic wings I've ever seen.
theres wings for everyone! and i mean everyone! even boys can wear them without them feeling to girly! and why not? as she so rightly says......

""There is a little faerie in each of us just waiting to be let out. It is the urge to play and be silly and to not care about what other people think. There is a world of laughter and magic out there for everyone. It's all about letting yourself believe and allowing magic and love into your life."

Her styles are very bold and vibrant, she uses the brightest products I've ever seen!!! the mini wings are perfect for children or adults who don't want to get tangled up with people at festivals or faery balls!, the faeire wings are bigger but still beautifully made, then theres the deluxe wings which are much bigger! and she can even add l.e.d lights to make them sparkle once night fulls. Her Gossamer Wings are more delicate, the detailing on these is what you would see on dragonfly and bumblebee wings, the light shines through them and they have a subtle shimmer which is most enchanting!.
Bubbles also does custom orders, she can make wings to match any outfit you plan to wear,  One such pair was to go with a pink gown with ivy detailing and the wings matched perfectly along side it. I myself have my very own pair of wings!!!! i believe mine were her 1st Dragonfly designed wings, having getting my fella to draw what i wanted i sent it off to bubbles who crafted them beautifully, she'd taken everything from the drawing and turned my dream into a reality. When they arrived i could hardly contain my excitement!!!! 

In the last year or so Bubbles has been adding more and more to her line at Silly Little Pixie. You can find Mini top hats, cuffs, tiaras and the newest collection are her faerie horns!  

If like me you think Wings are cool! please head on over to to find your dream pair!, and to see some happy customers flutter on over to her facebook page

Faery Sparkles

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