Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Faery creatures

Today's talented people instalment is that of the beautiful creations by Armorel Hamilton. She states "My inspiration is rooted in the natural history of the earths biology, I have a huge interest in how plants and animals function and co exist."
and i have to say this reflects in the creatures that she makes. One of my favorites has to be the very cute Hedge Hog that she takes around with her, Everything about him is what I'd expect to find if i was to come a across a hedge hog when not in his normal form... Well normal form to the muggle world, in true fae style he has the coolest striped trousers, but also the detailing would leave me to believe that once Armorel closed the door on her studio he'd awaken and go out and about and hang out with the other beauties she made.

 Like the lovely Helen of T.P.F, Armorels skills and magic don't stop at making creatures shes been involved in a few independent films, she's helped make props and other items to use on set, one of which was a water feature with a hooded figure leaning over it, she also does alot of illastrations for FaeMagazine!

Chagford 09

 Her 1st exbition was at the 2009 Avalon Faery Fayre where Brian and Wendy Froud made a lovely statement “Armorel has a unique and creative talent. Her work is humorous, quirky, believable and executed with skill and artistic vision. Brian and I both love what we’ve seen so far and we’ll continue to follow Armorel’s career with interest and enthusiasm. She should be on every art doll collectors list of new artists to watch out for and  collect.”

This lady is certainly one to watch! if you want to see more she'll be exibting at the spring faery fayre this March, but if you want to get in contact before then please head on over to


  1. I am sooo excited! I just love Armorels creations, and I will be having a collection of these wonderful beings in my shop in Swindon! I already know that I will be having at least one of them for myself!! If you get a chance to see Armorels work, then do go! Helen :)

  2. I couldn't agree more with you Helen!!
    she such a lovely person and that reflects in her creations!, i really hope to own one of little creatures!!!... i wonder what they'll get up to when you go home :D