Thursday, 25 August 2011

In the kitchen

Tonight while the rain lashed against the window and the world outside my window became ever so more gray,I was warm inside cooking dinner for me and the Mr, I'm such a little house wife just without the legal wife title. it had been a long day at work and i thought a hearty meal was in order but I'd also been playing with a few ideas on what to try next with cupcakes.

for dinner i made toad in hole, served up with roast potatoes and veggies,

Pretty impressed with how the toad in the hole came out

And for my cupcake idea... I'm currently watching "the great British bake off" series two! was totally fixed to it last year!, and in episode two it was all about tarts and naturally "Bakewell" tarts were on the list to make. now I'm not great with pastry but i am good at cupcakes so i made Bakewell cupcakes!

I used a normal vanilla recipe but just changed a few things around
Instead of adding vanilla extract i used Almond, and once i''d got the batter to its right texture i added a few handfuls of ground almonds, then i put a dab of Cherry jam in the base of the cases

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