Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Autumn in the air.......

August has felt like its come and gone with out much exciting happenings, this flat decorating really takes most of my time up these days, we're still doing the kitchen but I'm pleased to say that the oven, hob and sink have all been in for about 2 weeks now, and let me tell you i felt like a 1950's house wife who had just been introduced to one of these magical devices! although given the chance I'd love to cook on an open stove in a medieval style, I've never been so pleased with a domestic contraption before. So yes I'm most happy that we can cook proper meals! it feels good and smelling dinner cooking  makes the flat feel a whole lot more homely.

I'm not sure about you but Autumn feels so close right now, well actually i smelt the change about 2 weeks ago. slowly fading is that Summer smell and in comes that smoky fire and rustic cosy smell. when i think of Autumn i get a little excited with thoughts of crispy leaves underfoot, hearty baking, hot chocolates with all the marshmallows and whipped cream a faery like me could ask for, warm rich tones of red gold and yellow, HALLOWEEN!! mmmmm i could go on tehehehhe. Autumn for me is a feel good season gone has the not knowing what to wear like you get in summer( well here in the Uk anyway) and gone is the "oh its to hot". With Autumn your pretty safe with knowing how weathers going to be, also i love my woolly goves and this year i want to find a woolly hat that suites me, (hats arnt something i can pull off well), The Mr is going to buy me a new pair of boots too!! eeeeh i do love boots and they're great for woodland walks, which I'm hoping to do lots of this year, taking my camera and capturing those beautiful rich tones before they all go. 

The other day Autumn was really in my mind so i went on to Etsy and created this little treasury of all the things that make me feel so happy and cosy inside.

  Also at the weekend i baked!! for the first time in 7 weeks? (shocking behaviour) naturally with the feeling of autumn in my soul, i baked my first Apple Crumble of the season, well with all those apples ripe, sweet and crunchy at the moment it seemed very fitting.

lots more baking to come this autumn....oh and i have to say a thank you to Juli Gwynn of Dear Sweetlings for making it not feel silly to talk about Autumn so soon, read her blog on her thoughts of Autumn too :)
Loves and Sparkles


  1. I love the changing of seasons! I really must get on and paint my autumn paintings. The mask and hair piece you found are so pretty. :)

  2. It is totally turning Autumny! hehehe definitely not too early <3