Friday, 14 January 2011

Well blow me down...

It feels as though someone out there was listing to my thoughts yesterday, because for the next couple of weeks will see me hunting around the island for some party goodies.My editor has asked me to put something together and I'm over the moon to do so. I spent a lot of time yesterday jotting ideas down and nosing about in my Mum's sewing boxes seeing if i could create some cost effective textiles.My mind is in over drive at the moment, I'm glad i have a few months before i get to the deadline, there's so much i want to get right and to have time on my side is always a winner. Sites like frog prince paperie are so useful truly inspiring ideas hints and tips,The people at sweetpea soirees have some amazing ideas when it come to putting a party together!


The Mushroom cookie cutter will come in handy!! along with my Dragonfly and Frog cutter. Will post a few of my finds and anything i make I'll note on here as well.
I'm one very happy faery!

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