Monday, 31 January 2011

Sunday Afternoons

Sundays in my opinion can't last long enough, its the one day where i truly don't need to do anything! absolute bliss, don't get me wrong Fridays and Saturdays are good, there's no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than in the company of great friends! Laughing and chatting away,We drank cocktails and ate some fabulous food. But when you wake up on a Sunday knowing you have no where to rush to, not having to wait in for a parcel to arrive, but just stay in your Pj's till you feel the need to change, is such a good feeling.
I don't waste the entire day. if its sunny I'll pick up the camera and take a stroll down to the beach, but on days when its a little to chilly and windy, then out come the mixing bowls, an array of cupcake cases, sprinkles, edible glitter and what ever else i can reach. i go into my happy world of baking. So yesterday evening i baked!

1st of all I'd like to share with you the places where i tend to buy my goodies!!

One of the things I'm loving right now is edible glitter! it just makes everything sparkle! I buy mine from (naturally the fairie have tones of the stuff) It comes in a rainbow of colours!

I'm also loving the Retro store dotcom gift shop,they have alot of 50's inspired kicthen wears, vintage glass bowls and butter dishes. good old English tea cups that are very Alice in Wonderland esk,
I could do a lot of damage if i had enough cash, but i have brought some Fab CupCases, i went for Red and White Poka Dots and Mushroon printed ones!

So yeah i'm most happy with my cupcake cases, oh and my Toadstool Cookie Cutter, January was a good month for baking supplys.... Oh hang on! blimey how could i forget about the wonderful baking supply shop i came across on friday!... Bake it pretty is like Wow!! so many bright sprinkles!! i might just have to drop a few hints to friends and family for birthday ideas!!

So back to my Baking!!..... As you know i'm sorting a charity night for TCT. i decided to make some cupcakes to take along and sell!... i've used a blue butter frosting as blue is the colour used by the Teenage Cacer trust for its wrist bands and badges. i've also added blue glitter, with blue and white stars.

I  made a batch of Chocolate Chip Fudge Cupcakes with a Nutella icing. I hear that on the 5th of Febuary its world Nutella Day!! Awesome me thinks! ... oh and i added mini marshmallows!

Although i never posted last Sunday, i did use my Toadstool Cookie Cutter, I made Shortbread, first ever attempet, still need to bake with it some more.
So all in all a very happy and creative Sunday!!! .....
Bright and Happy Blessings

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