Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hopes,dreams and wishes!!

I love a good celebration, it doesn't matter what the occasion is a Birthday a Wedding or Seasonal event . I have many dreams and one of them is to be a Celebrations Planner. i've been given the chance to do a few and loved doing every one of them, but i want to up my game and really draw my thoughts and ideas out from there hiding place. See i've never been one who has a natural talent, i can't draw and i would never be able to write amazing stories, my hands and my brain haven't got any coordination when it comes to that sort of thing, their like an old married couple bickering and moaning but really couldn't be without eachother and when they do behave i can do parties! but like i said theres much i can and will improve on and i've found some inspiration.

Browsing the net can be quite re-warding at times and on this occasion i've been pretty blown away

These lovely creative people put so much effort into what they do, i hope to be able to let my creative side come out and achieve something on this level,

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