Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Oh Canada!!!!

Last Friday i booked our holiday to Canada!!!!
I'm totally excited! I've been before but that was nearly 8 years ago, scary how times fly's by so quickly!
I've got Family out there who we'll be staying with, which is going to be soooooo lovely! we'll be gone for two weeks in March, the girls break up for spring holiday, we'll have the 1st week to ourselves as they don't breakup till the 8th. We're headed to Ottawa, Canada's capital, theres so much to see and do in the city that i hope we get to do most things, on our list of things to do also included :

visiting a Sugar Shack -small cabins or series of cabins where sap collected from sugar maple trees is boiled into maple syrup. this is a must!! i LOVE Maple Syrup, it is pancakes best friend!!

Watching  a hockey match! i've always said to Lee that when ever we visit somewhere we have to do what the place is know for, and Hockey is huge in Canada so it would be so silly to miss out on this!. the home team being The Ottawa Senators, i just hope the NHL sorts whats going on out!

A bit history and architecture with a visit to Parliament Hill - a bit like the houses of Parliament in London.

Skiing/Snowboarding- Fingers crossed we can have a go, even if it means going on a hunt for snow! as i'm not really sure what the snow conditions will be like.

Shopping and food trying! it would be wrong not to do these two these, more saving for spending! not sure how much to put aside but enough so i can really enjoy ourselves!

I can't wait!!!!!!!! 14 weeks and counting!!!

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