Wednesday, 14 November 2012

New book... well kinda...

I love books! the smell, the sound they make when newly opened and how there worded can make me sink in to the pages and not rise for many hours.
My book collection i think is a perfect representation of who i am, there's fantasy, spiritual and homely- cooking and gardening, there's also the collection that I'm building up, not only for me but my little ones! that's not to say I'm getting ahead of myself, as i wouldn't want to put that pressure on myself, but I've already got quite the little gathering of children who mean an awful lot to me and i hope to always be in their lives, the fun adult who makes them pancakes and reads them fairy-tales about brave princess's and tall tales of falling down that rabbit hole. But my focus today is to tell you about a wonderful little book that i picked up back in May when i went to London to see an old friend.. another friendship reignited due to the sad passing of an old school friend. We were browsing the shops in islington when i saw this book, it had a simple cover nothing outlandish, had a very homely feel to it nothing sleek about it - and that's not a bad thing, it drew me in like a beacon, the title "Friends At My Table" by Alice Hart seemed to be too good to pass by.

As you may have read, In my about me section i try and live as much as i can via the seasons, eating whats in and enjoying the celebrations that are held to each month. And this book is perfect for that way i like to live, For Spring there's a lovely meal for 8 which is designed for a bridal shower, spring being the time for new things a bridal shower seems most fitting, Summer caters for the main event a "Laid Back Country Wedding for 20" - from sweet pepper sausage rolls to the pie de resistance - Strawberry and Vanilla wedding cake -which looks amazing!, the drinks are the most refreshing sounding drinks that i will most defiantly be making for next years summer gatherings. My favorite being Raspberry Crush and Elderflower vodka, these make for delightful party drinks!

In the same summer section theres  ideas for camping and a perfect beach barbecue.
As we fall into Autumn there's a recipe for fire-pit Venison, with instructions for your very own fire pit, which goes perfectly with a night of fireworks,sparklers and warm gloves!

And as we look into Winter its all about spending cosy nights in with those you love, it includes a menu for new year, mezze night and some of the best sweet delights I've had the pleasure to read.

I have yet to make anything from this book, but the Bacon Scotch Pancakes i think will be the first that i try.
this is one book I'm very happy to have on my bookcase.

Buy here- Friends at my table - Alice Hart
*Images take from the book on my phone. but taken by Emma Lee.

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