Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Time spent with Mum!

This should have been posted at the weekend, but i didn't find the time to do so, so here it is now.

Ever since i move out, I've made a point of going to see my Mum every weekend, of course things do crop up where we can do it, but when we do we normally go for a bite to eat or i just spend the day at mums,

This weekend we did lunch which was lovely,it took a while to decide where we wanted to go but in the end we agreed on giving Bluebells ago, its a cafe that's been placed in the old winter housing for the cows at  Briddlesford Lodge Farm, Its a proper working farm and has been in the same family since 1923. In the cafe theres an education centre where i believe schools go to learn about what working on a farm is like and how milk it collected and then turned into cheese and yoghurt's, i think its an important part of learning to learn about where our food comes from.

Lunch was lovely, we had a cheese and homemade onion chutney sandwich and a roasted chicken and bacon sandwich, me and mum split them so we could both try, very tasty and they didn't hold back on the filling, I will head back with the Mr that's for sure. a nice evening meal i think will be in order.

 I have a  huge thing for anything farm like! I'm the person who can find a farmers market even without knowing its market day, and living on the Isle Of Wight there's plenty of farm shops to keep me happy.
One of the first things i noticed.. and of course it wasn't hard to see but i was still very happy to see that their farm shop was open, lots of good island produce filled the shelves as well as the farms own dairy products. I was a bit naughty and picked up a bottle of mulled cider naughty that wasn't from the island and naughty that i know i can/will make my own! but i couldn't resist,  I'm trying to hold on to until Yule as i think it will be the perfect festive drink along with mulled wine.

So once we'd finished, we headed out over to Godhills, its a little village on the south of the island nestled outside Shanklin and Rookley, there was once a shop called Godshill Organics but unfortunately business wasn't doing great so instead of shutting down they've turned into the a chilli shop!- The House Of Chilli, admittedly it is a little of the way and not on a every regular bus route, but not to worry as they have another store which is in Newport (the islands biggest shopping town), The Mr and i LOVE chilli! as you may remember my last food post include chill.

As you may have guessed from the name, the shop has a whole host of different products of chilli, from sauce to infused oils to jams and chutneys with even a selection made on site from the chillis they grow. they also have some imports from America such as Bourbon BBQ sauce and others to many to name really.

I know i'll be heading back as i think these chutneys will be perfect for a few foodie friends i know!! 
Mum had already been and picked us up a bottle of their Gourmet Blackberry and chill balsamic, we've not used it yet, but we do enjoy having tapas nights, so this will be happily used when that time comes again.

So all in all i had a lovely Saturday with mumma bear.

Till next time, keep safe warm and happy

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