Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sloppy Joes!!!

Hello there!!!
I'm not sure how many of you out there enjoy chilli, but i love the stuff!!! its easy and fool proof.
Yesterday morning i got out some mince to defrost ready to cook with when i got home, But We had to pop to the shops to pick something up for my Mr's Mum.We left with a copy of "The Cynobal Diaries"( i bought a copy for me and the Mr the night before- will let you know what i think once we've watched it) a box Ferrero Rocher for lee's mum, and mixed salad leaves and fresh rolls, out the window went the cottage pie i decided to make the night before, based on that i really needed the use the carrots, and in came the idea of Chilli in fresh rolls with salad and cheese.This combination of mince served on rolls is called a Sloppy Joe in America and I've always wanted to try them, not sure when I'll make a visit to the states, but for now I'm happy to try and make my own versions.

I love that I've gotten to the point where i don't need to worry about not having the right spice or not having the basics in my fridge/cupboards (peppers, onions - both red and white, blocks of butter, cheese, milk. lots of spices -to many to name,tinned tomatoes/bean and chickpeas,plenty of eggs, different pastas and noddles,condiments- again to many to list,  chillis - i cheat and use Lazy Chilli, and i have no shame in that!) as I'm pretty socked up, so i can make most things if the mood so takes me.

So on to my Sloppy Joe.
this is all made from what i had in my fridge, i just grabbed what had and made do. the best meals i find are the ones that just happen.

1 large White Onion.
2 small sweet peppers red and orange
1 tbsp of Veg Oil 
250g Fresh Mince Beef -Local is important and i try to buy organic as often as i can.
(i have used qourn mince for my chilli before and it works nicely, but i know this wouldn't work for vegans but of course you could use beans and quinoa to create the same bulkyness, that meat does.)
Tinned chopped tomatoes
1 tsp of Lazy Chilli
1tsp each of Hot Chilli Powder and Ground Cumin and cumin seeds (break down with pestle and mortar)
1 tbsp of Lea & Perrins
1 tbsp of Green and Blacks Choco powder - it works trust me!!
pinch of brown sugar.
Salt and Pepper to season.
4 Fresh rolls

In a pan heat the oil,
Chop the onions and pepper and pop into a blender... or finely chop.
I'm very pleased with my mini blitzer, it  most handy, plus no teary eyes when doing onions,Add the onions and peppers to the heated oil and gently cook for a few minutes. once soft add the spices

Then add the mince,dicing and breaking it down into crumbly pieces, cook till browned, onions and peppers and spiced have been mixed all together, add in a bit of tomato paste, then pour in the tinned tomatoes, add some lea and Perrins, the sugar and choco powder give it a good stir, season then leave to simmer on a low heat for about half an hour.

 The beauty of this dish is it can be left and the flavors get better, me and the Mr had to go see his mum as it was her birthday, so once it had done a good half hr on the hob, i turned it off covered with a lid and off we went, we got back about 2hrs later and all i needed to do was re-heat, slice the rolls, grate some cheese and rinse the salad off  which took no more that 10/15minutes - mainly due to the rolls being grilled.
and here we have it "Sharons Sloppy Joes"

These were so tasty, and perfect comfort food given that the eve was foggy and damp.


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