Thursday, 8 December 2011

Oh Yule tree!

Our tree is up! yay!!!

Its got candy canes and chocolate coins. Red, Purple and Silver Ball balls too. we've got alot of red in our living room any way so those items add warmth to the space. I love it already and i really can't wait for Yule/Christmas. Me and the Mr our doing our festive food shop tomorrow, which actually I'm really excited about. Looking at our list, i think we'll have quite the feast!

The Yankee scents that are filling my home this wintertime,  

Jack Frost (i believe this is going into retirement), soft mellow notes of mint and white chocolate.
Cinnamon:  Warm, Rich and perfect for this time of year
Christmad Cupcake: Quite Sweet, but aromatic. 

I've seen a recipe that i HAVE to make! hopefully I'll be able to pick up the ingredients tomorrow!!
a little hint. its involves ginger!,I love ginger!!! especially gingerbread!... which reminds me, i bought gingerbread syrup! its used for coffees but i have another use in mind for it! tehehehehe

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