Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A night of festive indulgence

The Wind was howling and the rain was beating against the windows, the chill was being kept at bay by the warmth of the heating. And i was in the kitchen thinking of what to make. something to warm the cockles of my soul and something festive would be fitting. 1st on my list was to try the Mulled Wine me and the Mr got given at the weekend. Its proper German Mulled Wine. Only wanted to try a little bit, it seemed a waste to pour a load in a pan incase we didn't like it. So i poured a bit into a glass and lit a  tea light under it and sat warming it, the smell was Divine! so fruity, Rich and delightfully aromatic. It was good! I only had the one glass its quite strong!
2nd on my list was my ever favourite, Gingerbread. i really do love gingerbread its just perfect. 3rd I made a gingerbread triffle. Perfect! I'm a big fan of triffle so these two made sense, and I'd seen a recipe for gingerbread triffle on Sainsburys! really simple and tastes soooo good! and 4th on my list.. was a Hot Chocolate with a dash of Disaronno (an Amaretto Liqueur),

 All a girls needs
The Mulled Wine gift from Germany

As normal with me i changed a few things around, i used disaronno instead of sherry and i broke up a few of my gingerbread instead of the packet dough. But the Recipie is here if you want to follow it to the tea

Mmmm so yummy!

It was perfect comfort evening, so happy i go running, i think i would be the size of a house if i didn't!
So next week is the real countdown for Yule/Christmas, the camera will be out in force as I've got a whole load of parties to go to! Perfect!

Till next time

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