Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wow November already!

Hello!!! I can't quite believe that November is already gracing us with its presence, October feels like it came and went in a hurry of warm days filled with flying golden leaves.
I didn't manage to get on here for Halloween, but i hope that what ever you got up to that it was fun filled and magical. As mentioned i decided to go as something.... or should that be "someone darker" than my normal self.I dressed up as Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd. I had a lot of fun and i got very much into character.

And on the actual day my new "Hocus Pocus" Top arrived and i had to show it off, doing the self photo felt like the old days of myspace teheheh.

Heres to November.... hoping to actally make the list from October with a few added delights 

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