Thursday, 6 October 2011

This months recipes i want to try out

Well October is finally here, the month of kicking up the leaves and drinking hot chocolate!!.... Well so i thought!
The weekend saw me sat in my garden reading abook while topping up my april tan! yes thats right i got a tan in april! although come August it had almost gone compeletly, strange weather! not that i'm complaing beacause Sunday me and the Mr went over to his Dads where we had a barbque and sat in the garden till late talking, laughing and just having a lovely time. But its all changed again the winds picked up and the rain clouds are brewing up above so its back to it normal autumn feel *yay* Autumn holds two of my favorite get togethers, Halloween and Bonfire night these occasions are fab! and the food that you can make to warm eveyone up is easy and fun. not only do i love these season beause of the fun you can have but also the hearty meals,one of my favorites being chilli, theres lots of  easy things to rustle up that are perfect after a long days work and retiring to the comfort of my snug. heres what i shall be sharing with you when i make it

My homemade Chilli 
Butternut Squash Soup
Honeyed carrot soup
Pear and ginger loft
Mulled cider
Chilli Sausage wraps
Apple and Toffee Crumble
and Toffee Apple!!

Mmmmm i can wait!!!

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