Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sniffle sniffle...

Hello fellow readers,
Its been a lovely October! i've not been up to too much, just working and relaxing, although i did go on a mini hoilday to Centre Parcs (Longleat), its always nice, We go with Lee's Dads Wifes family, this making the total 20+ in one spot at the same time. Although no complaints form me as i get on with all of them very well. But now i'm back to work the common cold had decided it would be fun to make its self known and i'm feeling it, A Stuffy nose that seems to have a mind of its own FUN!, and just feeling alittle more sleepy than normal. Trying to keep myslef in tip top conditon by loading up on the Vit C and have the trusty Olbas oil to hand to make breathing that little bit easier. I have to feel better for this weekend as of course its Samhain/Halloween time!!!, I still need to get me a pumpkin and as i'm going to a party i need to sort my outfit,it shouldn't be to hard as i plan to go as Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd. Having watched the movie just the other day it was like a light turning on. I have a black corset, black skirt and stripy leggings/tights and i have idea how to look even more Mrs Lovetty. but that will have to be releaved later!. I've also got foodie plans which again i'll share nearer the time.

Tonights meal: a soul warming Bolognese.

Loves and Sparkles

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