Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mmm something sweet

I'm cupcake mad!, the size is perfect and just enough not to over do it on the sickly sweet factor. Don't get me wrong i love "normal" sized cake too, but there always lots left over which i think is a shame when you have to throw it out! but with cupcakes well you put them out and when your heads turned they've gone and all that's left are the crumbs! not that's a bad thing as those will be given to the Fae as thanks.
I love how Cupcakes have had a bit of a revamp and with it  bringing "English Tea Parties" back into the spotlight, i think tea party's make for perfect Spring/Summer birthday parties, bridal/baby showers or just for a little gathering with girlfriends when the weathers at its finest, the food is nibble size so no fear of getting messy. I'm loving that along with Tea Parties the classic platters and servers are becoming common place in the kitchen. Just 2 months ago i purchased a set of 1950's style cola/milkshake classes and a vintage style cookie jar. I love how one lovely thing really sets the ball rolling!!

3 of my fave cupcake stores in the UK :
A few items that i think are very sweet and should be seen on a tea party table (also maybe in my future kitchen)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Just this weekend I was sampling the wares from What's Up Cupcake in Whitstable... delicious!
    I can't believe you ever throw cake away though! It never sticks around long enough in our house :)

  2. I saw your JL post! mmmm sounds like a perfect weekend :)

    *hangs head* i know very bad! but my capcakes fly off the cake stand sometimes even before they've cooled. :P