Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Home sweet home!

Me and the Mr are finally nearing the stage of moving out! and for the past few weeks I've been browsing the net for ideas and comforts. Its very exciting times and i can't wait to make our little flat a home, the thought of it just being me and my lovely is warming. Although one area that might add a little flare is the buying of stuff to fill our home with, Me and the Mr are so very very different I'm one end of the spectrum full of floaty materials, sparkles and tad Laura Ashley with the floral and soft fabrics but also add a touch of Moroccan heat with bright warm tones, silks and heavy rugs. The Mr on the other hand loves straight lines and simple primary tones, he likes modern and hi tech gizmo's. In the new place we have a little outdoor space, a rare thing when it comes to flats. it not a huge area but enough for a mini bbq and pots for herbs :)

a little inspiration board for things i'd like to incorporate indoors and out:

Butterfly tea towel:  lauraashley.com, flower bowls: cathkidston.co.uk,  Rug, Toadstool and herb planter:www.dotcomgiftshop.com. Deck chairs, Gnome candles,Seed box and jam jar candle holders berryred.co.uk
Wall writing was found on Etsy.com and the Latterns can be found at pureillumination.co.uk

Once we've moved in and make a start on making our flat a home i'll be sure to post my finds and share what we do to our 1st place,


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  1. How exciting! Please do post pics once you've moved, I love having a nosy round peoples houses :)