Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Fairy Festival on this little lsland i call home!

Some of you may remember my writings about trying to find any sort of  tales about fairies on the Island, it was quite hard, and near on impossible to come by (blog post here,) well i kinda have to eat my words! not all of them mind. We've still got some way to go before its known that fairies are here! But there is hope as at the weekend the country's oldest theme park BlackGang Chine held host to a Faery Festival! YES a faery fest! it was held on Beltane/May day.After finding this lovely piece of information i messaged all the people i knew who would be up for going!

 And so off  we fairies went!!!.......
On our way to FairyLand!
Snapshots of the ladies i spent my day with! Joey pretty in red, Penny aka Strawberry Fairy and Yvonne (dressed up as a muggle for a change :P)
Joey and I in our colour coordinated houses: Joeys in Strawberry house and I'm in Blueberry house
I want these in my dream garden!

The Gang having a merry old time dancing away to JC & Angelina

Me and Joey! and little Penny with her potion

Potion station!
JC & Angelina
they played such lovely music, the children as you can see were allowed to join in with tambourines shakers and rain makers! ... people couldn't help but dance!!

All i can say is roll on next year! I'm quite tempted to have a stall selling wings, tutus and anything else sparkly and glittery!

Yay for Fairies on the Island!!!


  1. This looks so lovely Sharon, I'm so pleased you go to celebrate with the faeries at Beltaine too xxx

  2. that looked such fun Sharon :) !! Lib xx ~ @Libithina