Saturday, 30 April 2011

An Update!

Hey lovelys!

Its been awhile since I've had the chance to sit down and write up about my goings on! So let me tell you :) something most recent was the Charity night i held at the Wight Rock which was in aid of a beautiful friend of mine who got diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer back in December, she's currently being taken care of by the Teenage Cancer Trust who aim to improve the lives of teenagers and young adults going through something as hard as this illness. So along with 2 bands, stand up magician , a raffle, random cocktail pitchers and cupcakes we managed to raise £760! I'm so pleased that we we're able to do our bit for Emmaliese and the TCT and i can't thank people enough for coming along, because after all if they hadn't have come then we wouldn't have raised what we did!! ....... here a couple of photos!

In other news me and the Mr are going through the process of buying a flat! its so scary and so grown up but i can't wait to get the keys and start making a home for us :) I know this flat is going to be a bit of a project for us so once we've settled in I'll make a note of updating what we do to the place!, the flat is one of 6 in an old Victorian house i believe it was built in 1880 so plenty of history for me to check out but that's for a later blog!


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