Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Have seen a few of my FB friends doing there Census on there LJ so i thought I'd do mine here.

1991: I'm 4yrs old living in Reading with my Mum and older Brother, this was the year that Mum married my step Dad and i was their bridesmaid. from what i remember my mum looked gorgeous and finally after such a hard time truly happy. (their still together happy as ever)

2001: I'm 14 going through the joyous teenage years which include trying out different fashion styles, expanding my music taste and maybe even trying the sneeky alco pop. Also have been living on the Isle Of Wight for 4yrs! best thing my parents ever did! also we have new addition to the family which came in the style of my little sister Emily who's now 8yrs old.

2011: I'm 24 still living on the Island, have been with Lee for 4yrs and I'm blissfully happy, we're hoping that this summer will see us moved out and in our own place., I'm also writing for a magazine which is something that i thought I'd never do, given i did rubbish at school. I'm loving every minute of it, as it allows me to talk about the things i believe in.... Fairies!, some may scoff at the idea but at least the child in me is allow to play!

... I wonder what the next 10yrs has in store meet!

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