Monday, 11 April 2011

Beautiful weekend on the Isle

The Sun has be showing his delightfull face all weekend and i've had a lovely relaxed time.
At the moment my mum is pottering around the garden making it more witchy~fyed and adding some sparkly bits to attract the Fae. Saturday morning i baked a battenburg, while it was in the oven i relaxed for a bit on the patio, naturally i had my camera to hand and snapped away at some of the newer plants ....

In the bottom right corner you'll see Piper my beautiful pooch, who loves nothing more than chilling out in the garden, of course the grass wont do so we put out her bed to lay on.. teheheh.

Saturday afternoon i lulled the time away in the beer garden at our local watering hole in town, i had my 1st cider of the summer Mmmm Yummy!
  Then Sunday i spent the afternoon with my  Inlaws, we had a fab roast dinner at Lee's Nans then we moved to the garden where we chatted away while the birds were singing away merryily. As mentioned i baked a battenburg. it must have been good as it was all eaten, see they come out pretty fat if like me you happen to have a battenburg tin, (amazing item to have makes it so much easier) so i could cut it in half and leave one part with my family and take the rest over to Lee's Nans.

I hope your weekend was just as lovely!!!
Loves and Sparkles

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