Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Busy little bee!!

... Phew what a busy couple of weeks.
I've been such a busy bee! time is flying by and days are meshing together! I've been doing it all!, from flat viewing, celebrating my 24th birthday (19th March) to sorting things out for the Summer issue of  Fae Magazine.
I've been pretty rushed off my feet, I've almost forgotten what its like the chill. On top of everything else work has also been crazy! can't complain though as what with times being as they are, we're happy to still be going given that my Dads company is small in contrast to others. I'd like to say that things are starting to slow down but I'd be lying, as just last week while i was knee deep e-mails to suppliers both at work and for my article, i was asked if I'd do a birthday for a Mothers 50th birthday!, the idea of doing another birthday set my imagination alight, i always have a feeling of "oh what now" once I've handed in my writings and sent orders off at work, so to have something to keep me going is always a winner, Ok you might think I'm mad taking something on so soon after clearing my desk as it were, but i enjoy it and as April is going to be quite a quiet month, well apart from the Charity night on the 29th for Emmaliese and the teenage cancer trust!, i welcome the new challenge.

I'm really excited about my next feature! i can't say much on it as its all kept under wraps until it comes out! but i had a lot of fun doing this one! once it comes out I'll be able to tell you abit more!
I'm also over the moon to learn that BlackGang Chine (the islands only theme park) is going to be hosting a Fairy Fest! I'm going along to take some photos and to represent Fae Magazine, I'll also be joined by some Island fairies who are sorting out there tutus and wings!! I'm hoping that this event will be a hit as the organizers are looking to making it an annual event! yay!!!



  1. Belated Happy Birthday! March birthdays are clearly the best :)

  2. Looking forward to the next article x

  3. thank you Bryony! i have to agree! March is a fine month to have a birthday :) and what a beautiful month it was!

    thanks Jamie, i think its my best yet :) roll on may