Tuesday, 1 October 2013

To keep hands busy!

So while on my Facebook yesterday, i noticed this book on my news feed, it was apart of the new autumn range in a lovely little shop in Cowes here on the island called Live Like This

The little book at the bottom right corner... 

on a closer inspection!!
The book looks so lovely, i shared it a little bit and its gotten alot of positive feed back, and what was lovely was finding it a few of the feary people i know were apart of the process!! the ever so lovely Lottie Juliet of Dear SweetlingsNatalee Luna May of many enchanting blogs such as The Wildswans both feature. The knitting magic comes from the wonderful hands of  Stephanie Dosen owner and editor of Tiny Owl Knits!! Seeing this wonderful book has made me wish i had enjoyed my mother trying to teach me how to knit. It might be a case i getting her to teach me again, and this time time i shall pay attention, the horned hat with the ears on the front cover has stirred something in me and i would like to make one, also i can see me saving a small fortune on gloves and scarfs!!! You really can't beat homemade! the idea of trying to be as self sufficient is growing ever stronger with me. I guess my hearth and home side calling to me.

I can see this being a book for manly drawn to the world of woodland creatures and an element of the fae world as well.

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