Thursday, 14 July 2011

The big move

Tomorrow is moving day!!!! 3yrs saving and looking around countless flats and houses and we're finally there!!! well almost.

Me and the Mr have spent the past few days packing what seems like my life (Lee doesn't have much stuff at mine). Books, books, books soooo many of them, we even came across some that i'd put away years ago and almost forgotten about, until Lee had opened the box to check what was inside, but he taped it up before i could take them out to have a nose through, as Lee pointed out thats not how packing works. Theres alot of emotions floating around, i can't quite make out if i'm excited or anxious, i've been getting moments when  little burst of giggles come from nowhere and i do a little dance. I guess thats all apart of the fun! its something totally different and a new chapter!...... Roll on tomorrow

I'd also like to say a thank you to Lottie of for my new background :)

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